The Beginning of the End of My Senior Year

I’m really excited for this semester because I’m only a year away from graduation. Almost all my classes this semester are for my major, which I’m excited to be focusing more on.

I’m excited to learn more about audio and video editing and recording in this course. I’m also just excited to be working more in the Mac lab on various projects, rather than just the usual reading and writing in my other courses.

I know I will be challenged in this class because I haven’t worked very much with audio and video editing, but I’m eager to learn more. This semester might be more challenging for me because I am taking a full course load of eighteen hours and many of the courses I am in require a lot of time and outside class work, including this course. With a full school and work load it actually forces me to be very strict with my time management.

If I do decided to go into advertisement, marketing, or publice relations this course will help me with the creative aspect in that field where I may need to create and editing video and audio recordings.

I’m very hopeful that all my courses here at St. Mary’s are going to benefit me after graduation and in my career.

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